We service Canmore, Alberta with small/simple jobs, generally around the home.

We specialize in micro-jobs (0.5 - 10 hours), and will take on larger jobs (up to ~100 hours) if they are reasonably simple (and if we have availability). We want to do the work that you would give to your nephew if you trusted him or you would do yourself if you had time.

Types of jobs we love:

We keep costs low by generally taking on jobs we can do out of a hand-held (bike-mounted not van-mounted) tool box. We love fixing things using clever solutions and available materials where possible, instead of making several trips to the dump/store. 

Other sample jobs we can take on:

The list above is incomplete. I will add to it if certain types of jobs are quite popular, but ask if you are unsure: it costs nothing to ask so please Contact Us today!